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Heavy Vehicle Maintenance (All facets of DoD vehicles to include Wheel and Track Vehicle refurbishment and repair, MWO’s, Warranty Repair, Vehicle Component Replacement and Rebuild) 

Base Operations Support Services (Base facility maintenance, grounds maintenance to include landscaping services, base infrastructure support, Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) Management, general labor and custodial services)
Supply and Warehouse Management and Operations (Provide certified supply personnel certified in the use of all STAMIS systems, supply clerks and stock clerks, movement control, warehouse and distribution specialists, production and inventory control clerks, AWRDS and MAXIMO certified Specialists and property book management)  

Installation Access Control System (IACS) provide qualified personnel to support badge access systems on various facilities globally.
Manpower Provider (warehousing, mechanics, security personnel, Cross fit Trainers, Locksmiths, administrative support, CNC programmers, electricians, welders, welder fitters, hydraulic specialists, pipe fitters, painters, postal workers, general laborers)
Able to provide door to door transportation such as flights to training sites, vehicle transportation to the work site, Fully furnished accommodations in the Middle East and all Visa requirements and work permits. Provide traceable and verified documentation of required skilled personnel with background checks, drug testing and all certifications required by the customer or contract.



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